News & Updates
2014 Annual General Meeting Minutes
The minutes from the Strathbogie Golf Club's 2014 annual general meeting are available here.

Captain and Presidents Day 2015
The Dalhousie District Golf Association Captain and Presidents Day was held at Strathbogie Golf Club on 1 March 2015. Click here for photos.

Open Garden - Fernside, Sunday 29 March 2015
The Strathbogie Golf Club invites you to an open garden at Fernside on Sunday 29 March 2015. Click here for details.

Jim Gibson - 90 years young
On 21 February 2015 the Club gathered to wish our oldest member, Jim Gibson, a happy 90th birthday. Click here for photos.

Walter George Dunn - Life Member
At the Strathbogie Golf Club's 2014 annual general meeting, members voting unanimously to make Wally Dunn a Life Member. Click here for details.

Competition results - 28 February 2015
Competition results for 28 February 2015 have now been posted.

Strathbogie Golf Club

Located on the scenic tablelands of the Strathbogie Ranges, this undulating, to at times hilly, 18 hole grass green course, sits just on the edge of the Strathbogie township.

Picturesque views of the surrounding countryside are enough to make your golfing experience a rewarding one, even if you don't hit "Tiger Woods" shots all the time.

New members are of course welcome to join this small but very sociable club, with the annual subscription being $300 for a full member,
$250 for a summer member, $50 for juniors and $10 for social members.

Greens fees - $20 per day. We encourage social golf clubs to use our facilities any day of the week. Competitions are held every Tuesday afternoon in the daylight saving times of the year starting from 4:30pm
and through the remainder of the year from 2:30pm onwards.

Saturday competitions begin at 12:30pm although some people choose to hit off at 8am during the summer months.

Ladies' events are Tuesday mornings from 10am onwards and on
Saturdays they hit off at the same time as the men.